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Dianne, the Knitting Queen

Lovely Wednesday brings lovely guests. Most of you know her so far, but always interesting to get to know each other better. So please welcome the knitting queen of Knitting Galore Dianne Jones.

Tell us about yourself:

My Name is Dianne I am 57yrs old, I live in Turkey with my husband Mehmet. We will have been married 6yrs this coming November. Read more…

Time for a Hobby

Saturday – time for leisure even in the toughest business.
Since we are still on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge the Saturday is not silent as usual. So lets have some words about hobbies.
Besides photography, which is great when being outside, I love to knit in the evening while watching a bit TV. Knitting is also great when commuting, riding busses or travel via train. Usually socks are my favorite knitting object. Read more…

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