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Happy Birthday Blog

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Today is a special day … this blog celebrates its birthday today. One happy year of blogging. At the beginning I used to blog both in German and in English. But during the year I skipped German. Not really, I still talk German, but blogging mainly happens in English.


Due to statistics I realized that most of my  readers are from English speaking countries. Makes sense, right?

This is the little article with which the whole show started: Hello. Read more…

Values in Life

I recently came across the “12 days of Christmas series” of Michèle Taylor.

Ok I didn’t stumbled over it. I am subscribed to Michèle’s blog so it was delivered right into my mailbox.

I am quite thrilled by her idea, and it is wrapped up very nicely in the poem or song about “12 days of Christmas”. The blog makes me think about my life? What is important to me? How do I deal with it? Which values do I follow?

Have to admit, I am still a bit stuck on day 2 :

  • The list of personal values.

Lovely exercise Michèle provides to us.

I am so in with the cup of tea – yes I managed that perfectly. Read more…

57 Things I have learned in 2011

I read this at the blog of Angelika Davey of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation .
What a fantastic idea my dear.

Had to steal it and make up my own mind.
I was pondering a while ago about doing a review of 2011. And this is the perfect way. 🙂
Thanks to entrepreneursolo and Sarah Arrow , who both inspired Angelika. Read more…

Michèle – Exciting when People develop self-awareness

Women’s Wednesday again – today’s guest is Michèle Taylor. Thanks for joining us, Michèle and thanks for doing the interview.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Michèle, I will be 50 next spring and I live with my partner and my 16 year old son. I studied at Cambridge University.

I am a coach, psychotherapist and trainer. This means I spend my time working with individuals to support their growth and development, facilitate groups to enable them to work more effectively together, and train organisations in a number of subjects, including Disability Equality.

I used to be a performer, writer and director in the theatre but I don’t do so much of that now, although I do occasionally perform stand-up comedy and sketches with a friend who is a very funny woman.
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Schrift der Woche (3)

Schriften Sonnabend

Klingt gut gell? 🙂
Bringt uns dazu, regelmäßiger über Schriften zu schreiben.

Für heute wurde die Schrift von Michèle Taylor ausgesucht.
Michèle arbeitet als Beraterin, Trainerin und Moderatorin in Großbritannien.
Ihre liebste Schrift ist eine recht neue namens Calibri.


Die Calibri ist eine sehr junge Schrift.
Sie wurde 2005 von niederländischen Schriftendesigner Lucas de Groot entwickelt.
Luc de Groot zeichnet auch verantwortlich für die Schriftfamilie Thesis.

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