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A wider Shade of Pink

Today we try to preserve our photos. Most pictures are stored digitally on hard drives, CDs, DVDs or where ever.

No chance for a proper photo to age and get that lovely yellowed tone.

Isn’t that a pity? Read more…

The Old Touch

old picture

© wikipedia.com

You remember the photo album of your grandparents?

Those pictures have a special character.

They don’t just tell you about old times, about the history of your family.

They look special, old but somewhat cozy. Read more…


Hello everybody.

I am quite happy to be here.
Dang it was quiet a journey – but i finally arrived.

All over the day I have spent my time to figure out how to manage this blog.
I am not yet sure, if I understood everything – but i guess it will get better day by day.

This is a baby-blog – a blog, that is still under construction.
But this blog has a huge protector: the orange.

I am a graphic- and media designer, and I am going to talk about  interesting stuff. At least it is interesting stuff in my opinion. Stuff from the fields of graphic design, fonts, colors – not always orange – but as well photography or social subjects of the world.

I regard myself as a political girl. Therefore I love to poke my finger on social injustice, I am going to comment newspaper artikels or just babble about the world.

My mother tongue is German, but I also love to talk English – and since many of my friends are from the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Australia – yeah blogging will happen in English too.
Everybody should be able to understand – but please forgive my way of treating the English language.

If you are polite, feel free to improve me, if you can’t be polite, keep your critic.

Hope everybody is enjoy themselves as much as I do


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