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History of Halloween (3)

It started with a turnip

As we have seen: one origin of Halloween is Samhain, the feast of the Celts and also Gaelic People.
The Celts and the Gaels used to live on the British Islands, especially in Scotland and in Ireland.

Traditionally they carved turnips  and put them into their windows.
Ever carved a turnip?
A German friend recently told me, that her family did so when she was a child down in the 60s.
I just can’t imagine.

By the moment I have such a turnip in my fridge. No not for a Halloween lantern, just for a nice stew, but I am hesitating to cut it, because it is such a hard work. Read more…

Top 10 What to do with Pumpkins

Halloween and my world is full of pumkins.

My top 10 what to do with them!

Number 10


How I do it:
1 package of Jam Sugar.

In Germany I use a sugar which needs 1 part sugar and 3 parts of the fruit.
So 500 g sugar will be mixed with 1500 g pumpkin.

I follow the directions on the package.

And I add a little of cinnamon and one apple.
Apples contain pectin which is needed for gelling.
The apple reduces the pumpkin a bit. Read more…

Welcome – Facebook and Fall

Thanks to Patricia Gozlan, prosperity coach and also motivation coach for kicking my behind a bit.

I love writing and blogging, but today I was just “I don’t want”.
But a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge is a blogging challenge ……

While we are talking – just check out Patricia’s wonderful blog.
Even if you don’t think you are the target group, there are so many thoughts we can use for our daily life.

This is a random blog with random thoughts. A bit of musing and meandering.
Mixed and blew up like the leaves in the garden.
Pretty cold outside, yes it is fall, autumn, Indian summer.
Ok skip the summer of Indian we will keep the Indian because of the colors.
I love those colors of the trees in fall. Read more…

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