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Happy Birthday Blog

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Today is a special day … this blog celebrates its birthday today. One happy year of blogging. At the beginning I used to blog both in German and in English. But during the year I skipped German. Not really, I still talk German, but blogging mainly happens in English.


Due to statistics I realized that most of my  readers are from English speaking countries. Makes sense, right?

This is the little article with which the whole show started: Hello. Read more…

Interview: Ruth Seba – the Jewel Queen

Today’s guest is Ruth Seba of SebaSilver. I have met Ruth last year via the blogging challenge and I am proud to say: we became friends. Most of you have seen the wonderful filigree jewels Ruth and her husband Doka create on the wonderful Croatian island Korcula.

Ruth Seba @Seba Silver
Tell us about yourself: (Name, Age, Family, Profession, Education).

Ruth Seba

4 older brothers, three lovely wives of brothers and some nieces and nephews, & now an in-laws family… more brothers & two lovely sisters & more nieces & nephews!

Current ‘profession’  = Jewel Queen 😉 & owner of Seba Dizajn a small boutique in sunny Korcula, Croatia. Husband is the creator of all things filigree (Seba Silver)

Education = on-going! Especially where social media & biz promotion is concerned.
I have a Recreation Management degree, from Lincoln University, NZ Read more…

Social Media Rocks (3)

Final Part … they are going back to Croatia tomorrow … strong dislike. 😦

I have enjoyed meeting Ruth this week … twice… on Monday in the city and last Sunday at my place.

I picked up Ruth from the local metro station and we had a lovely walk in Hermsdorf, enjoying the houses and the quietness of a Sunday midday.

Yes and my son was pleased too meeting Mrs Seba.

Being a teenager he can be very tricky at times.

Tea, lemon cake and a sofa to sit on while chatting … what can two girls expect more.

It was truly a pleasure having Ruth at my home.

My cats enjoyed that too, Billy even honored us by laying next to us, close to the window and close to Ruth most of the time.

Maybe he was watching us.

And I would like to reveal what was hidden in the little purple bag I have showed you the other day … just have a look at my neck.

Isn’t it beautiful?

A little filigree silver ball, just for me.

I am so in love with it. It is perfect, tiny, and shiny … and unique.

I always thought that filigree jewels are kind of tricky to handle, I mean with all the space between the silver … but it is stable as a solid filled ball, but look so much better.

Did I mention that I am in love?

Yes I am … so thanks so so much Ruth and Doka, it is awesome, wonderful, beautiful … lacking of words.

Please look at the pix Ruth kindly send me from the cute ball.

© Ruth Seba / SebaDizajn

© Ruth Seba / SebaDizajn

It’s great isn’t it?

A little addition:

It was my Social Media Week.

Monday meeting Ruth Seba.

Sunday meeting Ruth Seba.

Saturday I met a long time forum and facebook fellow: Anja Kadgien for the first time.

And that was awesome too. We had a wonderful walk with her cute and lovely dog together, enjoyed a perfect menu at a local Indian restaurant, another lovely walk with her dog and than we chatted for hours in her hotel room. Just sitting on the floor, drinking coke and talking, talking, talking. No pajama party, but very close to it.

Thanks Anja for having been here too. I enjoyed our meeting very much too.

So I am looking forward to see both of these great ladies soonish again.


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57 Things I have learned in 2011

I read this at the blog of Angelika Davey of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation .
What a fantastic idea my dear.

Had to steal it and make up my own mind.
I was pondering a while ago about doing a review of 2011. And this is the perfect way. 🙂
Thanks to entrepreneursolo and Sarah Arrow , who both inspired Angelika. Read more…

Guestblog at SebaSilver

I am proud and happy. 🙂
SebaSilver has published my GuestBlog on Fantasy

Thanks a bunch Ruth Seba.

Like them please at facebook: SebaDizajn – they are creating fantastic jewelry.

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