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Top10Commented Blog Posts

A lazy review? I hope not. Sometimes it is nice just to browse the blog and see what worked best and what not.

What worked best are the posts that not only bring traffic, but also lovely comments and interactions.

So today I have a quick look into the posts with the most comments during the last months. Read more…


Sing, when you are …

This week is somewhat extraordinary, personally very stressful, so I hope you will forgive, that I am off-track on-track.
Some good news: today we hit the 5,500 🙂
I am so happy about that.
Time for party. Some Top10Songs that make me smile, dance, sing, relax.
Style is very mixed, I am a rock-pop-country-jazz-flowerpower-hippy-something-girl. Read more…

Top Commented Blog Posts Ever

Today’s ranking consists of the top commented blog posts on this blog ever.
I am very proud of them and I am proud and happy about your comments!
Fantastic job ladies and gentlemen.


Help the Commenter

9 Comments on “how to help our commenter to comment” Read more…

Tweeting my Thoughts … my Top10Twitter-Followers

Oh yeah  – let’s talk about my biggest social media pet peeves: TWITTER

Ok I am doing a bit better these days since I am using hootsuite, which helps me a lot getting some structure into the unfiltered sound of the chirping and tweeting of 140 characters maximum per message.

I am still eager to figure out with whom on twitter I have the most interaction.

Using tools like crowdbooster or twitter counter are nice but not very helpful in that regard – or maybe I haven’t found the button which answers my question.

So I set up my personal Top10-List, which is no ranking like every list. It is my twitter-chill-interaction (like the wind chill temperature in wintertime) – these are the twitter user with whom I feel the most interaction, people who really interact with me. Love that. Read more…

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