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Tweeting with one Click … 4 easy Steps


Another cool tool straight from the web to the world of blogging. My friend Ruth Seba came across it when reading the blog of another blogging friend Jennifer Boykin.

Thanks ladies for making me aware of it. Read more…

4 Easy Steps to Tweet a Picture

© piu700 @pixelio.de

Lately I chatted with my friend Shawn of “The Odd Couple Blog” about a family event and she told me that she wasn’t able to tweet  a picture. Right that moment I thought: “We need to change that”. And it is easy to tweet pictures. Just as easy as to tweet. Read more…


Yes it should be a tip today. I know.
But I would like to invite you to play a little game with me.
You all know those pictures, where they built in some mistakes or different stuff compared to the original. Read more…

Plan with the Owl – Hootsuite

Are you a bit overwhelmed with all that Social Media stuff?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or the new kid on the block … Pinterest.

To many platforms want to be served. Promoting a lovely blogpost can become a pretty challenge depending on the number of platforms you have to think of.
Especially Facebook has too many different places right now … personal profile, business page, several groups … dear me … I have to confess: sometimes I am lost! Read more…


Time for another wrapp up twitter blog post.
I am using crowdboost to check who are my top retweeters.

Thanks so much everybody for the hard work… so much appreciated! Read more…

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