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Pro Quota or what about equality in Work?

Yesterday the German parliament discussed about quotas for women in work … again.
And again they didn’t make a law, which guarantees women their equal part in work.
Sure there are professions where women are in the majority.
Actually we are not discussing about these professions and also not about the professions where guys are in the majority. We are discussing about jobs and positions where women work successfully for years but yet most bosses are still male. Read more

Women’s Wednesday on Strength and Weakness

Are we still teaching our children to be real men and real women, instead of being real humans?
Is it still inappropriate for a man to cry, to show feelings, to be weak? Read more…

I am what I am …

Read more…

Women’s Wednesday – Create your own world


When being on the UltimateBlogChallenge there is no room for my usual “Wordless Wednesday”.

So this month you will read on a Wednesday about women, hopefully interviews … drop me a line if you want to get featured … or my musing about quotes by famous women. Read more…

We are Number 1

Today we are celebrating “International Women’s Day”. We are celebrating it for the 101st time. Clara Zetkin suggested it in 1910 and on March 19 1911 Germany, Denmark, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland celebrated the very frist Women’s day ever.

I don’t want to lecture about the necessity of Women’s day or remind us of the blessings of Women’s Lib … we achieved a lot and we still need to achieve more.

Today I would like to honor my Top10Women’s – yes Top10Thursday. Read more…

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