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How to Load a Movie to Youtube

You have made a little movie with lovely pictures of your holidays? A show how you work? A tutorial to solve the problems of the world?

It is made up and stored on your hard disk and you want it to show the world via youtube. But how do you get it to youtube? Usually I would say: upload it.

Yes it is quite easy … just upload it. Read more…

Embed you video easier


It is getting easier to embed the link of the youtube video.

You can use the url of the youtube video and wrapp it with: Read more…

Hollywood calling … 8 easy steps

 I’ll take you to the movies … at least I will take your blog to the movie.
Grab your popcorn and your coke and here we go.

My dear friend Ruth Seba of Sebasilver asked me how to embed a youtube-clip to her blog post. Read more…

Sharing and caring – what Web 2.0 is about

What is it about?

Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, dig, tumblr, google+ …

… user generated content.

That’s what we call Social Media these days.

People get connected.

The monolog of few becomes a dialog of many. Read more…

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